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5: Richey Can Sleep

A very sweet depiction of Richey asleep under the covers and snuggled up with his teddy bear.

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4: Torture and Bondage

James is fed up with Richey stealing and shagging all the gorgeous ladies, so he ties Richey to the bed and sits at the foot of the bed on a chair and occasionly whips him.

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3: Bath Time

Richey decides that he's going to have a bath, but Nicky has other ideas and sneaks in with his camera.

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2: Wanking

Richey decides that he's horny and he doesn't care who's in the room with him. So he has a quick wank while Nicky is putting on his eyeliner.

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1: Ladies Underwear

Nicky and Richey decide to indulge their feminine sides and try on ladies underwear. James is mortified by this decision and Sean just ignores it all and reads a book about drumming.

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