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15. Zombified

After a few too many, Richey's brain feels zombified...

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14. Out In The Wilderness

Richey and Nicky decide to brave the great outdoors and take a camping trip together.

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13. Off To The Strip Club

The band decide to pay a visit to their local strip club.

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12. Conversations with Death

Richey is happily cutting himself one afternoon, when a familiar face pops round to give him a message...

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11. Scared and Scalded

Sean gets home after a long day and is looking forward to a nice cuppa and a sit down...

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10. Richey Needs A Shag

Richey is really drunk and climbs into bed with a sleeping Nicky for a quickie...

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9. Solitary Confinement

After more than 10 years passing, Nicky decides that maybe Richey is truly gone. Then one day he opens a box that he's not seen before...

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8. Walking with Snoopy

Richey takes Snoopy out on a walk with disastrous results...

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7. All Caught Up

The band have a photoshoot with the army netting in the background. The netting falls onto Richey and he gets all tangled up in it. The rest of the band just decide to stand there and laugh at him.

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6. Missing Hat

Richey's left his hat behind and the guys don't know where he's gone. So they break out the maps.

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